CONECT. IEC 60603-2

No matter if telecommunication equipment, industrial process control or network setups are concerned – 19” racks with IEC 60603-2 (DIN 41612) interfaces are still essential for various electronic systems.

Focusing on EMC, robustness and easy assembly, Inotec has developed two complete hood systems including the required connecting elements which are able to cover all common assembly situations: While the MSF-1 / -3 hood system is a classical solution for a direct PCB assembly, the MSF-91 / -92 allows a separate installation of the interface on end device (including PCB) and cable side.

Due to its full metal mounting brackets the MSF-91/92 system offers a robust and reliable connection with a low-resistance grounding contact between the connector hood and the 19” front panel.

For optimal HF-protection, high traction relief and efficient processing, the MSF hoods should be used in combination with Inotec crimp flange technology.