New Lightning Protector Series from 1.8MHz to 100MHz

LP-HBR-U and LP-HBR-N 1.8 MHz to 100 MHz Times-Protect® Lightning Protector Series Now Available

 The new LP-HBR-U and LP-HBR-N series are the latest additions to the Times-Protect® line of innovative RF lightning and surge protection products.  The LP-HBR-U with UHF and LP-HBR-N with N type connectors are exceptional DC blocked designs with outstanding surge performance designed for low frequency, high power applications in the 1.8MHz to 100MHz range. With excellent Insertion Loss and Return Loss performance over the entire operating band and superior surge performance, the Times-Protect® LP-HBR-U and LP-HBR-N families are unequaled. Fully weatherized construction meeting IP67 standard allows for outdoor as well as indoor installation. The LP-HBR series has high power handling capability (2kW average) and will withstand multiple strikes. Among the main features of the new LP-HBR-U and LP-HBR-N series of RF lightning protection products are:

•  Cover (1.8-100MHz) 160-6 Meter Bands
•  2 kW Average RF Power Rating
•  Dc Blocked RF path
•  Multi-Strike Capability
•  Less than 0.1dB insertion loss
•  Type N and UHF Connectors
•  White Bronze Plated Body
•  IP 67 Rated for outdoor use
•  Bulkhead or Flange Installation


Times-Protect® LP-HBR-N and LP-HBR-U surge arrestors available are:

LP-HBR-NFF (N female on surge & protected sides)
LP-HBR-NMP (N male on protected side & N female on surge side)
LP-HBR-NMS (N male on surge side & N female on protected side)

LP-HBR-UFF (UHF female on surge & protected sides)
LP-HBR-UMP (UHF male on protected side & UHF female on surge side)
LP-HBR-UMS (UHF male on surge side & UHF female on protected side)


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