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CONNECTA was founded in 1994, with a clear vocation of service and a commitment to quality to our customers.

Our main activity is distribution in Spain, Portugal and Andorra of connecting elements for telecommunications and industrial electronics, military and aerospace, representing leading manufacturers in every sector.


We support our customers in the task to find out the best solutions in the fields of radiofrequency, microwaves and EMI/RFI shielding.


We know that every project is different and specific; we align our efforts with our customer needs in product, quality and time. Giving our best in every deal.


We have a modern and full equipped factory to produce cable assembly and harnesses to meet the most exigent quality specifications.


Because of the high quality products and services that we produce, Connecta have the confidence of very important companies of our markets.



  • Design and production of assemblies with the products of our represented brands.
  • Kit integration; with our and third party products to allow our customer to get the full set from one supplier.
  • Fast delivery in less of 48hr to any point of the territory for products in stock.
  • Shipment confirmation and goods follow-up.
  • Fast response for any commercial or technical inquiry.
  • Complete technical support for product definition (measures and materials).
  • Maximum flexibility to adapt our administration to our customer needs.
  • Sales Financing when required.