At Connecta Elementos y Systemas we have a very well trained technician team with several years of experience and a very well equipped factory with the highest available technology and the special tools needed for every single operation giving always the highest quality level.

Strands, wires, coaxial and cable trees are part of our daily business in cable assembly. Our extensive production capabilities (crimping-, splicing-, soldering- and mounting technology) guarantee you will get high-end-craftsmanship of your single strands, round cable, coaxial cable, as well as assembly of your cable trees. From DC to Mw we are the best quality option.

We are able to supply the RF cable assembly with the VNA curves on demand.

With the help of the brands that we represent, we are able to supply the most difficult assemblies in the fields of radio frequency and microwaves.


· RF cable assembly (standard, Low PIM, flexibles, on demand) for industry or military use.

· Mw cable assembly.

· Pig Tails.

· Semi-Rigid and Formable cable assembly.

· Test cables until 110GHz.

· Phased array systems.

· Delay lines.

· Harneses for racks assembly.